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North America still carries that romantic notion of freedom – a venture into the unknown, on the open road, into a continent that’s verdant with variety. But if you’re only on an American vacation, you need some sort of action plan in order to digest the best of this sprawling part of the world. A guided tour is an increasingly popular way of exploring the US and Canada – an adventure on the open road, but with a knowledgeable guide and a guarantee that you won’t miss out on all the local hotspots, so you can stop worrying about logistics and start focussing on learning about this fascinating content (and hopefully something about yourself, too).

Start your tour in the USA, and you’ll find a sprawling landscape of inspirational diversity. From lush national parks to momentous mountain ranges and bustling nightlife in urban metropolises, the US has something for everyone, and a trip with your own USA travel guide is the perfect way to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Breathe in the timeless splendour of Yosemite, soak up some rays on some California coastline, roll the dice in Vegas and explore the harsh beauty of the Mojave Desert – and that’s just the West Coast! From Chicago to the Big Apple, the Golden Gate bridge to Venice beach, there’s wonders to be found everywhere in this epic nation, and vacations in the US are simply better on a guided tour.
As we all know, North America isn’t just about the States. With its superlative landscapes and vibrant culture, Canada definitely deserves your attention too. Explore these peerless panoramas with your own Canada travel guide and you’ll find countless adventure opportunities along the way. From the multicultural melting pot of Vancouver - where you’ll find some of the best food in the world (and some buzzing nightlife to boot) – to the famed crags and canyons of the Canadian Rockies, this is country where opportunities are as boundless as the skyline.

Whether you’d prefer to explore the States or Canada – or both – a guided tour is a great way to ensure you stay in the know about all the best hotspots around, from iconic landmarks to under the radar diamonds. Contiki have been perfecting the art of the guided tour since the 60’s, so if you’re ready to take the first step, we’re ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime.



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