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Short breaks & weekend getaways

Whether you’re kicking up powder in the Austrian Alps, surfing in Morocco, or experiencing a real African Safari, our short breaks selection has something for everyone. Add in extra special experiences for a longer trip if you like.

These are the moments you’ll write home about, but save those postcards for the plane ride home. For now there’s street food to try, national parks to explore, social events to attend… and what was that about a bungee jump?

Short breaks in Europe

City-hopping, cozy stays, unique excursions, new pals for life. These are Europe short breaks done right.

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Short breaks in Asia

Wellness retreats for tired backs and mountain treks for the restless. Asia has all the answers, a short break is usually all it takes.

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Short breaks in North America

It took millions of years of erosion to create the Grand Canyon, but luckily you just need a short break to see the natural phenomenon for real. Plus countless North American travel gems while you’re at it.

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Short breaks in Latin America

In four days you could attempt to build the world’s largest stack of cards at home. But if it all comes falling down, an Inca Trail hike to the mysterious land of Machu Picchu takes just as long. Not to mention seeing baby sea turtles crawl for the first time in Tortuguero… *sobs*

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Short breaks in Australia

‘Brb mom, just going on a snorkeling adventure through the Great Barrier Reef, then catching the sunset from our dive boat. Be back in 3 days! xx’

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Short breaks in New Zealand

We supply the VIP festival passes, the cozy accommodations, and the deep sea scuba adventures… you just focus on having a whale of a time, yeah?

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Short breaks in Africa & The Middle East

Is that deafening sound the Victoria Falls… or thousands of wildebeest migrating through the savannah? Pretty cool either way, you can experience both in just a few days.

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  • If you are like me, and your unsure whether to go on a Contiki or not. Stop and book now. It was one of my best adventures, I met so many amazing people, learned so much and the overall experience was unforgettable. Totally worth it!

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  • Great deal for an amazing trip! The trip manager was really cool and took us to amazing local spots! The activities went from nature to museums to wine and dining! It was all a blast and I highly recommend for anyone who has only a week to get away! The locals are all so friendly and the food is amazing! Beautiful hotels and easy transportation included! A must see!!

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  • First time doing a Contiki tour and can't wait to book my next one! The Lava Line was amazing. Our trip manager was very knowledgeable and made our journey one never to forget. The itinerary was well designed yet flexible enough to make the trip our own. The add-ons were awesome and not expensive. This is a must do trip if you love adventure!

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