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Europe Winter

Summer gets the limelight, but the truth is, Europe shines all year round. Sure, countries like Italy are more iconic under the sun, but for certain types of travellers, heaving crowds and peak prices can make the warmer months less appealing than our off-peak adventures. So whisper it, but Europe can actually be cooler in the winter.

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Non-boarders and skiers, don’t freak out – our Europe winter tours aren’t just about hitting the slopes.

From Amsterdam to Berlin and Prague, winter means snuggling indoors with a glass of mulled wine and gazing at the snow-capped Cathedrals peeking through the windows. Stroll down cobblestoned streets, breathing out cold air, while nibbling gingerbread at some of Europe’s most famous Christmas Markets. If you don’t want to let the cold weather slow you down, head to Scandinavia for the ultimate winter adventure. See the frozen Fjords in Norway or chase the Northern Lights in Iceland. Feel the winter hygge spread through the city of Copenhagen or warm your cold fingers on a cinnamon bun in Helsinki. From discovering geothermal waters and ancient volcanoes, or watching the ethereal lightshow of the Aurora Borealis as they cascade from the heavens, you can see the best of Scandinavia in the winter months.

But it’s not all about Christmas markets and snow-capped peaks. You can also enjoy some winter sun in Europe, enjoying soaking up some rays and soaking up all that history while avoiding the heaving crowds and predatory prices.

You can actually get up close to the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain without being crushed by tourists and being drenched with sweat. When you visit the glorious watery passageways of Venice, the shimmering canals are actually serene, rather than a cluster of gondolier oars and selfie sticks. Winter travel isn’t for everyone. Maybe you love scoffing gelato in the sun, kicking back on the pure white sands of Greek islands or cruising around the city walls of Dubrovnik on the shimmering Adriatic. But winter travellers know that it’s much easier to live like a local this time of year.


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