Our commitment to local, authentic, and utterly delicious food experiences

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If you’ve been thinking about Europe, we’ll bet you’ve also been thinking about food.

The fresh baguettes of France, the exquisite pintxos of Spain, the sun ripened tomatoes of Italy - all so good you can almost taste them. And that’s what travel is all about - immersing yourself in a new country and a new culture, through food.

Like you, we’re utterly obsessed with all things foodie, so we created Munch, the word we use to describe our love affair with food. What does it mean?


It’s the bespoke menus we created in partnership with MasterChef Thomas Castberg, which are served exclusively at our Special Stays, and which showcase local, authentic food at its very best.


It’s the professional training of every Contiki chef, educating them on flavour, technique, and presentation.


It’s the Free Time Add-On food experiences you won’t be able to resist, like a five-course Italian feast in Burano, or a hands-on cooking experience with our partners at EatWith.


It’s breakfast included each and every day.


It’s the superior training of our Trip Managers in food culture, and their Little Black Book of foodie haunts in every destination you visit.


It’s a commitment with our restaurant partners to deliver local, delicious food.

You’ll discover our Munch philosophy woven into every single one of our trips.



We’re seriously excited to announce our partnership with EatWith

A unique experience with Contiki - and available on all of our In-Depth Explorer trips in Europe - EatWith is an immersive social dining experience that brings you to the heart of a location’s culinary culture.

Here’s the idea: you eat with locals in their own homes, swapping stories and making friends while your host prepares authentic food with fresh, regional ingredients.

EatWith is the perfect way to interact with locals, enjoy mouth-watering food and learn about local delicacies, and it’s just about as authentic as it gets.

Available on all Europe In-Depth Explorer trips