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Sure, we visit the icons and take you to incredible destinations off the beaten track, but it's the things you do in a place that make it memorable. When you travel with us, there are 3 ways to experience Europe.


Included Experiences

From the iconic, to the unexpected, the experiences included in the price of your trip always hit the highlights & uncover the best of the places you visit.


Free Time Add-ons

These are the optional experiences you can choose to fill your day with. Hand-picked by our travel experts, they help you build the trip you want with the budget you’ve got.


Free Time

Scheduled into every trip, this is your chance to roam the streets of Europe like a local, swim in the sea in Greece or visit those hotspots you’ve gazed at longingly on your insta.

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Learn to be a gondolier
Venice, Italy

The best way to experience Venice is on a traditional gondola, but we like to do one better, and let our travelers become a gondolier for the day. These boats are a central part of Venetian culture, and as we row through the narrow waterways we also learn all about the fascinating local history.

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Portugal, Europe
Get the ultimate core workout with Stand-Up Paddle boarding lessons.

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