Unique Experiences


Make every moment count – that’s what our experiences are all about.

Travel is about the places you visit, but it’s what you do in that destination that really makes the difference. You want to connect to a culture. You want to do something incredible, something you never even knew you could do.

We split out experiences into two groups – Included Experiences & Free-Time-Add-Ons. Look out for these on our trip pages in the itinerary section.

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Included Experiences

These are the experiences included in the cost of your trip, because if witnessing the intense light and shadow of the Grand Canyon isn’t a North American essential, we don’t know what is.

Free Time Add-ons

Want to do something memorable with your free time? Take your pick from our menu of add-ons. These are the experiences you’d never imagine you could do (like zip-lining through Whistler), and are available to buy on your trip.


The icons (the things you can't miss), the unique (the things you can only get with us) and the unexpected (the things that will surprise you)