There's a lot to like about Denmark – and not just the fact that it was once home to Europe’s most feared invaders, the Danish Vikings. This is a place whose inhabitants are regularly described as the happiest people in the world, and whose capital city, Copenhagen, routinely tops the lists of world's most livable cities. Overall, this is one of the most welcoming societies on earth, famed for its laidback attitude to life and warm welcome for visitors. Oh, and the food isn’t bad either.

Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Denmark.
Dialing Code: +45
Time Zone: (GMT+01:00)

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What To Pack?

A scarf - The weather in Copenhagen in December can be viciously cold. Keep warm and blend in with the locals as you go!

An adapter plug - Denmark uses the European standard 2-pin plug. Bring a transformer if you want to use appliances that run on USA voltage.

A copy of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales - What better place to read the classic fairytales than the country where they were written?

Swimming goggles - It'd be a shame to come to Copenhagen without a dip in the Islands Brygge Havnebadet outdoor swimming pool.

An umbrella - Denmark weather is unpredictable, even in summer. Pack a brolly.

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