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How many days do I need in Greece?

Your Greece tour will take 4-22 days depending on where you’re headed. Cherry-picked historical spots will take 4 days, a tour of Greece’s best islands takes around 8 days, and you can combine the two which takes around 11 days. A full tour of mainland Greece and an epic island hopping adventure combined will take around 22 days.

What is the tipping culture in Greece?

You don’t have to tip in Greece, but tipping is polite and is a great way of showing your appreciation. A 10% tip for good service and a 15-20% tip for mind-blowingly fantastic service should do the trick.

How much spending money do I need in Greece?

You will probably spend around €30 to €100 a day in Greece – depending on what you’re eating, what excursions you’re going on and how hard you’re partying (we’re all friends here!) Luckily for you, budget balancing is easier with Contiki because transport and certain meals are included with the cost of your trip. See trip itineraries for more info.

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