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What is the typical group size for a sailing or cruising trip?

Contiki keeps the group sizes to a maximum of 35 new friends on sail trips. This keeps it intimate, as well as incredibly comfortable in the common areas of the boat!

What are the best months to go sailing in Turkey?

Generally sailing in Turkey’s waters is best between May and November, as this is when the weather holds out nicely and you get the best out of this beautiful country. Turkey’s peak sailing season is generally longer than in the Mediterranean, so why not visit both while you’re at it!

What are the best months to go sailing in Croatia?

Sailing in Croatia is best in European summer, so between the months of May and September. The sun is shining, the water is bright blue and you’re going to get those amazing Insta photos to make your friends at home so jealous!

Who will I be traveling with?

You’ll be traveling with a group of likeminded 18-35 year old’s with whom you’ll share the common goal of wanting to see the world and have the best time together. 

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