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If you’ve been dreaming of adventuring across Asia and want to experience a little slice of each unique country within its colorful borders, then Contiki has the perfect Asia adventure tours to suit every type of explorer.

With so much to choose from, we have to start somewhere, so let’s talk Japan adventure travel. Vibrant nightlife, expansive cityscapes, secret gardens, and traditional Japanese hot springs? Yes please! Or maybe adventure travel India is more your thing? Color and chaos, sticky cities, and lush mountain ranges…how could you say no? Or even the more obvious China adventure travel, where you can explore the Great Wall and be spellbound by museums, markets and mayhem?

Whatever kind of adventure you’re after, Contiki trips get you seeing, breathing, tasting, experiencing, and living life like the locals. Travel from jungle tree tops to floating raft hotels, visit the ancient Buddhist temples and elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, go ziplining in Chiang Mai or ski the slopes of Japan. Eat your way

through aromatic curries, steaming bowls of Thai noodles, and market fresh sushi, or get lost in some of the best street food markets in the world.

One of our most popular trips, Asian Adventure speaks for itself as it’s so much more than your average vacation. You’ll spend 16 days adventuring across 3 unique countries, doing everything from chasing waterfalls in Thailand, to exploring limestone caves in Laos, to watching the sunrise over Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. Locally guided bike tours and a private 2-day boat cruise down the Mekong River… We like to think it’s the ultimate adventure trip around Asia.

Are you more of a one-country type of adventurer? No worries, we get it - some countries are just so unique and culturally diverse that they deserve your undivided attention all on their own. Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, and India all have so much to offer we could spend weeks describing them in detail, but if we were to sum it all up, when traveling to Asia you’ll strike the perfect balance between action, adventure and endless good times. Who’s joining us?



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Our different travel styles are all about giving you choice. Differentiated by how many places you want to visit and how much you want included in the price, it means you know exactly what you’re getting when you travel with us.