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Solo travel to Europe is an experience that will fill you with many emotions – fear, excitement, hesitation and exhilaration all included. You’re facing the unknown, but at the same time you know you’re in for the journey of a lifetime.

As the world’s most diverse and culturally rich continent, this is a place where ancient and modern collide; where crumbling Colosseums live side by side with haute couture fashion, centuries old traditions compliment forward ways of thinking, and cuisines are so varied you’ll be tempted to follow your nose wherever you go.

Traveling alone in Europe with Contiki, means you’ll get to experience the very best of this variety, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be surrounded by an army of new friends. We offer European tours for singles that go to literally everywhere on your bucket list. 

Always dreamed of exploring dreamy Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, sampling macrons in Paris, or hitting the surf in sunny San Sebastian, in Spain? That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we can offer if you’re thinking about travelling Europe alone.

We often get asked, ‘if I travel solo, will I make friends?’. The best part about travelling solo in Europe with Contiki, is that so many other people are doing the exact same thing. Over half of all our travelers ride solo, and whilst you may start your trip knowing no one, we can guarantee it won’t end that way. Ever heard us talking about the Contiki family? That’s a thing; it’s literally impossible to share some of life’s greatest experiences with other people, and not bond over what you all have in common – an unparalleled obsession for travel.

So, if you want a solo travel adventure to Europe, where the hassle is taken care off and new friendships are guaranteed, you’re in the right place.



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