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Make every moment count - that’s what our experiences are all about.

Travel is about the places you visit, but it’s what you do in that destination that really makes the difference. You want to be amazed. You want to connect to a culture. You want to do something utterly incredible; something you never even knew you could do.

We split out experiences into two groups - Included Experiences and Free Time Add-Ons. Look out for these on our trip pages in the itinerary section. See trips


Included Experiences

These are experiences included in the cost of your trip, that you just can’t afford to miss. Because if splashing around with elephants at a Thai nature sanctuary isn’t an essential, then we don’t know what is.

Free Time Add-ons

Want to do something awesome with your free time? Take your pick from our menu of Add-Ons. These are the kinds of experiences you never even imagined you’d be doing in Asia, available to buy once you’re on your trip.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal, Agra


You’re coming to Asia, so damn right you want to tick off the Great Wall of China, the pink-hued Taj Mahal, or the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, not to mention those Insta-perfect Thai beaches. We’ll show you them all, but with a Contiki twist, like skipping the queue, or giving you insider access for the ultimate view.

Turtle Conservation Centre, Sri Lanka

Turtle Conservation Centre, Sri Lanka


Tapping into the local culture of Asia is what we pride ourselves on, and our experiences reflect this. Cooking classes, locally guided walks, street art tours, visiting hard to find natural beauty, learning and even dining with locals are just some of the unique experiences we have to offer, and you can only get them with us.

Buy quirky tropical fruit, Mae Klong Railway Market, Bangkok

Buy quirky tropical fruit, Mae Klong Railway Market, Bangkok


With us, expect the unexpected. Who knew you’d be the one kicking goals on a floating Football pitch in Thailand, or tasting snake whiskey in Laos? We did. We do heaps of things we know you’ll love. Let us surprise you.



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