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Our commitment to local, authentic, and
utterly delicious food experiences


Australia and food is a relationship made in heaven.
Whether it’s the fresh seafood that was fished just an hour before cooking, the huge chunks of meat cooked to perfection, or the coffees that have given Australia the reputation as the coffee country of the world, this is a land that doesn’t mess around when it comes to what you’re eating. Australia does good food, pure and simple, and it’s this ethos that we build into all of our trips. It's what we at Contiki call 'MUNCH', our food philosophy.

Food is our jam. It’s culture, it’s heritage, it’s experiences best shared with friends, and it’s what we at Contiki call Munch, our food philosophy. HOW WILL YOU SEE MUNCH THREADED THROUGHOUT YOUR TRIP?


It’s a delicious breakfast included every day, to start the day right.


It’s the included meals that will get you tasting some of Australia’s best, a BBQ breakfast at Uluru, or even some native delicacies like kangaroo, emu or crocodile.


It’s the Free Time Add-On foodie experiences you won’t be able to resist, think wine tasting in Childers or a fresh seafood lunch in Noosa.


It’s the superior training of our Trip Managers in food culture, and their little black book of foodie haunts in every destination you visit.

IMPORTANT: We include breakfast every day of your trip and many local meals to get you closer to the tastes of the destination you visit.See the trip pages for more on what's included in your chosen trip. Free Time Add-On meals, or meals during your free time are not included in the price of your trip.
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