Travel to Australia with Contiki

Planning a trip to Australia? Of course you are. From bush to bay, this sun-drenched island has just about every outdoor adventure ready and waiting to be explored. A continent this vast offers kaleidoscopic coral, sandy beaches, bustling cities and the harsh beauty of the endless outback. On our Australia travel packages you'll explore waterfalls, forests, vineyards, mountains and beaches. Looking to stay active on the road? We imagine the scuba diving, hiking, sailing, sky jumping and surfing adventures will take your fancy. And in your downtime? When you’re not catching rays by the shores, grab some avocado on toast and coffee at some of the best brunch spots around, to complete your Australian travel adventure.

Why Contiki?

They’re about immersing yourself in every place you visit, thanks to insights from our local guides. They’re about experiencing other cultures and ways of living, thanks to our hand-picked experiences. And, above all, they’re about having fun and making connections that last long after the trip ends: connections with new places and connections with people as hungry for adventure as you.

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