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Fiestas & Siestas


12 days visiting Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona & San Sebastian

Get ready to glide through two of Europe’s most beautiful countries, staying south where the days sizzle and the nights never fizzle. You’ll kick off with Barcelona’s beachside beauty before heading through sun-drenched San Sebastian, bohemian Bilbao and Portuguese heavyweights like Lisbon and Porto.

Get lost in Porto

Porto, Portugal | Day 6 to 8

Postcard pretty and packed with terrace bars, bleeding-edge architecture, baroque churches and gorgeous gardens, Porto is a colorful tumble of a coastal city that rewards the curious traveler.

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Walking tour & Port tasting

Porto, Portugal | Day 6

On this walking tour you’ll be winding through historic alleys and gorgeous backstreets, checking out the fountains, facades and street art that makes this one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Then, it’s time to taste the titular tipple itself, port wine: as sweet and rich as the city it’s named after.

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Fall in love with Lisbon

Lisbon | Day 8 to 10

Take a tram through the cobbled streets, admire postcard panoramas of gothic cathedrals and historic ruins or dive deep into a delicious cafe culture. Lisbon is a treasure trove of charm and beauty.

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Lisbon foodie walking tour

Lisbon, Portugal | Day 9

Along with its baroque architecture, charming cobblestones and domed cathedrals, Lisbon is famed for its foodie scene. Its coastal location means you’ll find fresh seafood everywhere you eat, while the flaky deliciousness of a Portuguese custard tarts - or Pastéis de Nata - will ensure it instantly becomes your new favourite dessert. This foodie walking tour showcases the best of Lisbon’s famed beauty and delicious food. 


Take a day trip to Sintra

Sintra, Portugal | Day 9

Just a short day trip from Lisbon, Sintra is a unique historic town with extravagant castles and palaces, of which the centrepiece is the Palácio da Pena, one of Portugal’s most iconic attractions. Vividly painted terraces and mythological statues rise out of the deep green Parque De Pena forest, while the bright yellow domed structure itself one of the world’s finest examples of Romantic architecture.

Experience passionate Flamenco

Barcelona, Spain | Day 2

A fusion of dance, guitar, singing and plenty of finger snapping, the sultry art of flamenco is a Spanish tradition brimming with passion, intensity and technical skill. Experience this art form for yourself on a traditional flamenco evening in Barcelona, where you’ll get up close to these remarkable performers and enjoy some delicious tapas.


Pintxos hopping in San Sebastian

San Sebastian, Spain | Day 4

Spain is well known for it’s pintxos - like tapas, but even smaller - found in bars all around San Sebastian. Get off the beaten track on your very own pintxos crawl, from spanish omelette to pinchitos and decadent foie gras, experience this gorgeous town through your tastebuds - washed down with a cold caña (small beer) or a glass of rioja wine.

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Surf & Swim

San Sebastian, Spain | Day 4

As well as its rolling hillsides and delicious food, San Sebastian is of course known for its golden beaches which arc around the city. If you’re looking to beat the heat then take a dip into the calmly lapping waters, or if you’re looking for something a bit more active, head to the Playa De La Zurriola and master the rolling waves atop a surfboard.