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Mediterranean Escape


10 days visiting Rome, Amalfi & Athens

This one starts and finishes with the jaw-dropping ancient icons of Rome, Pompeii and Athens. But in between we like to take things down a notch, luxuriating in the lazy lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast and cruising to the glowing grottos of the isle of Capri.

Visit the Colosseum

Rome, Italy | Day 2

You’ve heard so much about the Colosseum, you’ve seen pictured it so many times - but actually walking through the emperor's entrance of the Ancient Roman bowl (avoiding the huge queues is a perk of visiting with Contiki) is something else entirely.

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Make your own pasta

Rome, Italy | Day 3

This immersive experience takes place in the ancient Jewish quarter of Rome. Learn how to make 4 different types of yummy pasta, before creating a long pasta train. The finished product is handed to some master chefs who then whip up a delicious meal for you and your Contiki fam.

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Explore a lost city

Pompeii, Italy | Day 7

A guided walking tour around this UNESCO World Heritage Site will have you immersed into the culture of ancient Rome. Pompeii is of course best known for Mt. Vesuvius, and the volcanic eruption which buried the ancient Roman city in volcanic ash, leaving it preserved as a unique snapshot of Roman society, in which organic remains turned into morbidly fascinating natural moulds. Today, it’s the most remarkable organic museum in the world.

Visit a lemon grove

Amalfi, Italy | Day 5

Situated in the lazy lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast, with views overlooking the plunging mountainsides and glittering waters that make this landscape a UNESCO World Heritage site, this authentic experience is unlikely to leave a sour taste. After learning about how these sunshine-colored lemons are harvested, you can taste some delicious lemon cake and fresh lemonade, before learning how to make limoncello, a traditional Italian liqueur straight from the family vaults.


Cruise the Isle of Capri

Capri, Italy | Day 5

Rugged beauty abounds on this Amalfi coast hotspot, with its bright blue waters, refined villas and cragged cliffs. On this cruise you’ll be awed as you’re carried through a stone portal into the Blue Grotto, an enchanting cavern glowing with azure light. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, pull up to La Fontelina, a gorgeous restaurant that is only accessible by boat. Don your shades, sip your negroni, and lap up all that sun and sea.

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Eat a Greek feast

Athens, Greece | Day 9

This uniquely Greek experience takes place in Plaka, Athens' most historic region. In the shadow of the Acropolis, you'll find pedestrianised streets full of musicians, flower sellers and photographers. As you settle down for your Greek Feast, indulging in salads, gyros, dolmades, and baklava, you can enjoy the evening's raucous entertainment, a traditional plate smashing dance. Opa!

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Explore the Acropolis

Athens, Greece | Day 9

In case you hadn’t heard, Athens is pretty big on history. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Acropolis is a case in point. The Acropolis - built between 495-429 BC - is arguably the most important historic site in the western world. The jewel in its crown is the Parthenon, a spectacular monument to the goddess Athena that demonstrated the might of ancient Greece. Taking a guided tour and wandering these ancient walls, it’s hard not to be transported back to the birth of western civilisation.

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