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Simply Italy


12 days visiting Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Venice, Florence & Pompeii

Want to be fully immersed into Italy's moreish culture? You'll be living your best life on this trip. Covering Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and beyond, this one brings you the blissful best of this soul-stirring country.

Hike Cinque Terre

Amalfi Coast, Italy | Day 9

Some people think Cinque Terre is just one place, but it actually translates to the 'five lands,' made up of 5 towns, each with their own unique identity and traditions. Included in your Simply Italy trip is an unlimited Cinque Terre hike and train ticket, so whether you're into trekking the dramatic coastlines, taking it easy on the train, or a combination of the two, you can explore the 5 towns your way.

Explore Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy | Day 8
Framed by idyllic neoclassic villas, Lake Como stretches out in front of the opulent town of Como, and provides the perfect opportunity to explore this gorgeous part of Italy, as your cruise stops by charming towns like Bellagio as you admire the stunning architecture, surrounding rock formations and sparkling waters.


Explore Venice's waterways

Venice, Italy | Day 7

The best way to explore the winding waterways of Venice is of course by the iconic gondola, a traditional Venetian rowing boat which was the main form of transportation back when Venice was the trading capital of the world. Today, the rich tradition lives on through gondoliers, who carry you through the dreamy canals on their self-owned, beautiful boats. They’ll even sing you a traditional song, if you want. Does life get any more romantic than this?

Explore a lost city

Pompeii, Italy | Day 4

A guided walking tour around this UNESCO World Heritage Site will have you immersed into the culture of ancient Rome. Pompeii is of course best known for Mt. Vesuvius, and the volcanic eruption which buried the ancient Roman city in volcanic ash, leaving it preserved as a unique snapshot of Roman society, in which organic remains turned into morbidly fascinating natural moulds. Today, it’s the most remarkable organic museum in the world.

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Cruise to the Isle of Burano

Burano, Italy | Day 7

Take a guided cruise out to the UNESCO heritage site of Burano, a fisherman’s island decorated with gorgeous technicolor houses. Here, you’ll visit a local family restaurant and indulge in the best seafood feast you’ve ever experienced. From snapper dip to shrimp risotto and ridiculously fresh calamari, you’ll wish you could grab lunch here every day.


Eat a traditional Florentine feast

Florence, Italy | Day 5

Florence is a city of rich art, history, architecture and, of course, food. This Florentine feast brings you the best of Tuscan cuisine, from Bistecca Fiorentina, the iconic beef steak, to Crostini di Fegato, bite sized bruschetta topped with delicious pate. All of this will be served by your hosts with some chianti wine, naturally, as you enjoy some local music and eat yourself into a content coma.


Evening stroll & aperitivo

Venice, Italy | Day 6

A ‘passegettia’ is an Italian traditional of a leisurely evening stroll, usually for the purpose of socialising. Explore the floating city when the sun goes down on this Hidden Venice passeggiata, in which you’ll also taste all of the local flavours. From mouthwatering ‘chicchetti’ bites, washed down with prosecco, to tiny meatballs and tramezzini, this is the perfect way to get a taste of a culinary culture while falling in love with Venice’s unique charms.

Taste Chianti in a Tuscan winery

Tuscany, Italy | Day 10

Surrounded by endless lines of vineyards and olive trees, bathed in the golden glow of the Tuscan Sun, the best way to uncover this historical region is by tasting it. As you explore the grand 16th century winery and dive deep into the historic wine cellar, you’ll get to taste some gourmet antipasti and, of course, some world class chianti wine. No wonder it tastes so good, when they’ve been perfecting this particular tipple for 5 centuries.