Once you’ve decided where you want to travel with Contiki, then you need to decide how you want to travel, and that’s where our travel styles come in.

Keen to get to know a particular region (like Scandinavia, for example) or country (Peru, for example), in detail? Go In-Depth Explorer.

Want to explore all day, party all night, see everything in between and even spend the night in Contiki’s legendary Chateau? It has to be High Energy.

Do you want to see and do everything, ticking off that big old bucketlist you’ve been adding to for as long as you can remember? Then it’s all about Discoverer.

Are you all about going slow, brunching till noon, exploring at your own pace and putting your own unique stamp on your trip? Sounds like you’re an Independent Insider.

Have you’ve got your heart set on sailing Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, cruising around Croatia’s Isles, or living it up nautical style on islands like Mykonos and Santorini? Go Sailing, Cruise & Beach.

Do you have some sweet skills on the slopes (or just think you’d ace skiing/snowboarding), or want to see Europe dusted with a sprinkling of snow? You’re all about Winter & Ski.

Are you all about celebrating life’s moments, dancing till dawn at festivals or seeing in New Year some place seriously special? Go check out our Short Stays & Festivals.

Or, are you all about going back to basics, and seeing Europe the good old fashioned way? Sounds like you’re Camping through and through.

Knowing how you want to travel is mighty important, as it means you’ll be travelling with people who want to do all the same stuff as you, and you won’t be disappointed with your travel experience.