Once you’ve decided where you want to travel with Contiki, then you need to decide how you want to travel, and that’s where our travel styles come in.

Discoverer (See it all, do it all). See more of each destination on our most popular travel style, with a wide range of experiences included, spending your nights in comfy, centrally located accommodations.

In-Depth Explorer (Go local). Culturally rich, food-centric and getting under the skin of a particular country or region, with nights spent in cozy accommodations close to the action.

Iconic Essentials (Stretch your budget). Explore with only the essentials included to keep costs down. Customise your trip with Free Time Add-Ons and sleep in accommodations that are simple, unique and super fun.

Sailing & Cruise (Sun, sea & sand). Have you’ve got your heart set on sailing Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, cruising around Croatia’s Isles, or living it up nautical style on islands like Mykonos and Santorini?

Short Trips & Festivals (For life's moments). These trips are about celebrating life’s moments, dancing till dawn at festivals or seeing in New Year some place seriously special.

Ski & Snowboard (Keep it cosy). Do you have some sweet skills on the slopes, or want to see mountains dusted with a sprinkling of snow and give skiing/snowboarding a go?

Knowing how you want to travel is mighty important, as it means you’ll be travelling with people who want to do all the same stuff as you, and you won’t be disappointed with your travel experience.