Dependent on where you are going and the time of the year you may need to pack swimwear, scarfs, sweaters, appropriate footwear, or eveningwear. Warm clothing is always a good call, even in the summertime as temperatures can get chilly. Below is a checklist covering all the key travel items, take a look at this to see what might be relevant for the locations you’ll be travelling to:

1. Passport

2. Insurance

3. All relevant trip docs and info

4. Rainproof jacket

5. Shorts

6. Thick sweater

7. T-Shirts

8. Jeans

9. Casual shirts

10. Casual skirts/dresses

11. Smart trousers/jackets/dresses (for evening wear)

12. Swimwear

13. Beach towel

14. Sandals

15. Evening shoes

16. Comfortable walking shoes

17. Toiletries

18. Sunblock

19. Socks

20. Underwear

21. Sunglasses

22. Camera / travel tech

23. Chargers

24. Insect repellent

25. Tissues/antiseptic wipes

26. Flashlight (if camping)

27. Aspirin/medicines

28. Adapter (these may vary in locations)


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