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All accommodation, internal transport, and a good handful of meals are included in the cost of your Contiki trip (in most regions we offer breakfast every day, plus a cherry-picked selection of authentic and tasty meals). On top of this, we also include our No Regrets Inclusions, which are basically the sights and activities we think you just can’t afford to miss (think a sunset cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge, or wine tasting in the Tuscan Hills to get you started). And then of course you also get our expert and highly trained team of Contiki staff; our Trip Managers, Drivers, and On-site Team members throughout our properties in Europe.


Flights to and from your start and end destination are not included in the cost of your trip. These can be booked independently, or added on during the booking process either online or with your travel agent. We also keep a number of meal times free for you to explore a region and its foodie offerings in greater detail, so budgeting for non-catered meals is important. In terms of activities, we also offer Free Time Add-Ons, which are additional experiences you can get involved in during your free time on tour, which are not included in the overall price. Travel insurance and visas are also not included in the cost of your trip, and need to be booked separately.



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