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A natural division between Canada and the US, the massive Niagara Falls are a must-see for visitors to both countries. Located on the Niagara River between the states of Ontario and New York, the Niagara Falls are a series of three distinct waterfalls that weave their way around the river. Made up of the American Falls, the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, marvel at the might and beauty of these natural wonders.

There are heaps of different ways to experience the Niagara Falls, depending on your budget and sense of adventure. The classic way to get up-close-and-personal with the falls is on a River Cruise. This boat ride is unlike any other you’ve experienced before, edging as close to the break wake as humanly possible, so come prepared to get wet. Wearing either a yellow or red poncho that the park provides, you’ll seem like a local in no time.

Keep your ponchos on-hand if you’re keen to get even wetter. Take an elevator down to the level of the Niagara River to make your way towards the Cave of the Winds. This slippery pilgrimage up to the foot of the Bridal Veil Falls actually takes you behind the waterfall. But be warned: you’ll definitely emerge completely drenched.

For those wanting to add some adrenaline to their adventure, take a helicopter ride above the falls – or better yet, zip-line across them. This 670-metre trip from the heights of the Park’s Gorge to the Canadian observation deck will thrill you.

If you’re wanting to learn a little more about the local area, there are plenty of local museums that explain the history of Niagara Falls. Check out the Niagara Gorge Discovery Centre to discover the natural history of the site, as well as the Niagara Power Projects Visitor’s Centre, where you can learn about the projects that harness the hydro-energy generated by these mighty falls.

A thrilling journey into one of North America’s most amazing natural wonders, experience the best of the Niagara Falls Canada and the US.


Language:  English

Currency:  CA Dollar

Electricity:  110V

Visas:  Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Canada.

Dialing Code:  +1

Time Zone:  (GMT -04:00)


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