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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I plan a Europe winter tour?

Step one: pick your destination! Austria, Germany, Greece, Norway, Ireland - there are so many amazing destinations to choose from. You’d then want to decide on your budget… find the perfect spots to stay in... research about the best things to do at the destination… and then make all your bookings. (Yikes, sounds like a hassle!)

Or you could just pick one of our winter trips to Europe. That way, all you’ll have to worry about is what colour winter jacket you should get. 

Is it cheaper to travel to Europe in winter?

Yep! Travelling to Europe between November and March will save you a whole lotta bucks. That’s because this tends to be off-season for tourists. That means cheaper flights, more affordable stays, stunning snowy views and a relatively crowd-free visit (Shh…don’t spread the secret!)

What should I pack for a Europe winter tour?

First things first. Pack. Warm. Clothes. Depending on which European country you’re heading to, the temperature is likely to drop below freezing point. This means you’ll want to get scarves, hoodies, sweaters, gloves, thermals, beanies and boots.

Other than that, getting sun cream, travel adapters, a camera (obviously - have you seen pictures of Europe in the winter!), and a day bag can be quite handy. 

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