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See it all do it all

• Experience many countries and cultures on one trip

• Heaps of unique travel experiences included in the cost of your trip

• 3 & 4 star hotels - twin share only

Meet a Discoverer traveler

Name: Alex | Age: 27

Trip: European Dream

Reason for doing the trip? I wanted a hassle-free holiday that went to more than one country.

Highlights of the trip? I got to see all the iconic sites, but there were loads of surprises along the way I probably never would have found on my own. The hotels were comfy, my Trip Manager was amazing and I learned so much about Europe.

Iconic Essentials

Freedom to Explore

• Experience many countries and cultures on one trip

• Just the essentials included, visiting all the icons

• Hostels & Special Stays, multi-share

Meet an Iconic Essentials traveler

Name: Ava | Age: 21

Trip: European Horizon

Reason for doing the trip? I’d just finished university and just wanted to finally visit Europe and see as much as possible!

Highlights of the trip? The trip was so full of adventure! Amazing way to travel and see so much in a little amount of time. I budgeted for some add on activities and they were all worth it.

In-depth Explorer

Go local

• Explore one region or country in-depth

• Lots of included experiences centred around food & cultural immersion

• Local and central accommodation mostly twin-share, including some Special Stays

Meet an In-depth Explorer traveler

Name: Luke | Age: 26

Trip: Spanish Spree

Reason for doing the trip? I’d traveled around Europe a few years ago doing lots of countries in one trip. I fell in love with Spain, so I wanted to come back, stay longer and explore more of the country.

Highlights of the trip? It was great to have a schedule of where and when to go places, but I also loved the freedom we had to explore. It was all a taste of the known and unknown Spain.


Sun, sea, sand

Stay aboard sail boats or traditional gulets as you cruise the shimmering med or adriatic seas on unforgettable island hopping adventures.

Meet a sailing traveler

Name: Tom | Age: 24

Trip: Greek Island Hopping

Reason for doing the trip? I’d always seen the Greek islands in movies and knew I’d have to go there one day. This trip went to Santorini, Ios & Mykonos which were all on my bucket list. I wanted the sun, sea and beaches, and as I was traveling solo, also wanted to meet lots of new people.

Highlights of the trip?So much to choose from. The sunset in Oia. Partying in Santorini. The group of people I met who I’m still in touch with. Best week of my life.

Ski & Snowboard

Snow. Sleep. Repeat.

As well as a group of young adventurers to shred powder with, our ski and snowboard trips include cosy accommodation in some of Europe’s most iconic ski spots, including our exclusive Austrian gasthof.

Meet a Ski & Snowboard traveler

Name: Lucy | Age: 29

Trip: Austria Ski Plus

Reason for doing the trip?I’m a good skier but wanted to improve my snowboarding skills. Hopfgarten has lots of beginner/intermediate runs that were perfect for me. I liked the look of the gasthof as well and wanted to meet lots of new friends!

Highlights of the trip? The piste was perfect, but my favourite parts were the surprising things. Dancing with my friends at the gasthof or going tandem paragliding, which I didn’t expect I’d ever be doing when I booked the trip.

Short Stays
& Festivals

For life’s moments

Think music festivals, New Year parties, and Oktoberfest. Do them as standalone travel experiences or tag them onto the start or end of another Contiki trip.

Meet a Short trips & festivals traveler

Name: Rob | Age: 22

Trip: Oktoberfest - 5 days hotel

Reason for doing the trip? My Contiki was finishing in Berlin and I realised it wouldn’t be hard to get to Munich in time for Oktoberfest, which I’ve always wanted to go to. A group of us wanted to keep the Contiki vibes going so we booked the Oktoberfest trip.

Highlights of the trip? Obviously the beer! And the party vibes. And the food. But the trip had some cool other parts like the Mike’s Bikes tour which was hilarious and a good way to explore more of the city than just the festival.