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Few places on earth are as beautifully rugged, untamed and enigmatic as the Australian Outback, in the country’s sweltering Northern Territory. This land, characterised by dusty red desert, thermal pools and rock formations, is the ultimate destination to get you falling back in love with mother nature, and the landscape itself will have you pondering if you’ve wandered into a dream. Outback tours in Australia are all about stepping out of your comfort zone: the Australian bush will awaken your wild side, introducing you to the stories and traditions of the Aboriginal culture and getting you to the real, authentic and unedited heart of Australian life.

When considering an Outback adventure, there are a few things you’ll need to be prepared for. This will be an experience like no other; you’ll sleep under the starry night sky at a camel station (yep, we said camel), hike to the Garden of Eden waterhole at Kings Canyon, have your first ever Aboriginal Dreamtime ‘Bushtucker’ experience and even swing by Australia’s UFO capital. On top of all that, you’ll accustom your taste buds to the likes of smoked kangaroo salad, traditional barramundi and even a Bush Tucker Bloody Mary. Wave the city life goodbye, this land is not to be taken lightly - but feeling the red sand through your fingers and smelling the aromas of BBQ will have you head over heels for this unique region at first encounter.

It’s not all camping and camel stations, though. The Northern Territory is host to Darwin, where you’ll have your pick of the legendary bars and crocodile-ridden coves. Alice Springs also calls the Northern Territory home, where you’ll get your Bear Grylls on in the face of some pretty unusual eats. Of course, you’ll pay homage to the main event: the jewel of the outback, Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock.) The sheer majesty of this 700-million-year-old gob-smackingly beautiful rock formation will likely be enough to erase that kangaroo you were gnawing on earlier from memory, instead getting enlightened on the rock’s cultural significance on your Ayers Rock tour. Trust us, an Outback aussie tour adventure is something you can only experience in person.


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