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Our trips are as unique as you are and when it comes to travel one size doesn’t fit all. After 50+ years of experience under our belt, we’ve crafted 8 incredible ways to experience this incredible world with us, designed with you in mind. 



The trip of a lifetime for the see it all explorer, Discoverer trips see travellers ticking boxes left, right and centre. Visiting multiple countries or destinations in one trip, they're perfect for those that want to see and do as much as possible. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.


High Energy

Experience all the best sights and exhilarating late nights, High Energy trips are crafted especially for the 24-hour traveller. Visiting lots of destinations, they’re ideal for those wanting to spend days exploring the icons, then dancing the night away with a brand new wolf pack. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australia and Latin America.

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In-Depth Explorer

With more unique experiences & free time to explore, these are the trips for the culturally curious. In-Depth Explorer trips get you into the heart and soul of a destination by tasting, exploring and unearthing every last little secret. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.

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Like the idea of group travel but want to stay in control of where, when and what you do? Don’t want to be steered by itineraries, wake-up calls or group sightseeing? Designed with ultimate freedom in mind, we’ve created these trips like building blocks so you can come, go, stay and play exactly as you please.



The call of the wild and exclusive to Europe. Camping is perfect for the traveller who wants to stay abroad as long as possible, and isn’t fussed on five-star digs. With the same great Europe, these don't scrimp on quality or experiences, and visit multiple countries in one trip. Available in Europe only.

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The colour of the Whitsundays, the buzzy nightlife of Chaweng Beach, the bougainvillea laden streets of Santorini - do you really need convincing? But if we must tell you the perks, how about spending your days alternatively snorkelling secret bays, exploring little towns, eating delicious local food, all whilst spent with a bunch of new pals... Available in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Winter & Ski

Experience the magic of travelling in autumn, winter and spring. Outdoor types can hit the slopes with a board, or explore a destination off peak. It's the same great experience, with less queues and crowds, and even cheaper prices. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, and New Zealand.

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Short trips & festivals

Short Trips & Festivals are all about injecting the fun into life…Cultural events, music festivals and fun stuff like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter, or get to know a new city in a short space of time. Pick any one and it will pack some punch. Available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

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