A Dublin holiday will always leave you grinning ear-to-ear, thanks to the cheery locals, serious pub culture and uplifting museum collection. Whilst many European cities might see you reliving dark moments in history and trying to decipher the world of fine arts, a stint in the Irish capital will more likely involve a leprechaun museum and a serious study of Guinness. Indeed, there's something jovial about the city of Dublin, a trait witnessed most intensely on St Patrick's Day. But the day of green isn't Dublin's only special event, this city is home to a portion of the Six Nations Rugby, the world's most environmentally friendly music festival, and a 10-day international film festival. Your stay won't disappoint if your trip doesn't coincide with one of these Irish extravaganzas. You can get your kicks socializing at Temple Bar, touring the Old Jameson Distillery, and shopping the vintage stores either side of River Liffey. The intricate details of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral should also be high on your Dublin to-do list, as should the abandoned prison of Kilmainhan Gaol that stands as an eerie time-capsule of politics and culture gone by. Literature enthusiasts will want to take a glace at the world-famous four gospels of the life of Jesus Christ, a 9th Century medieval manuscript held at the Book of Kells Exhibition at Trinity College Library, whilst history and culture buffs will need a trip to Dublin Castle. In fact, whatever makes your heart sing can likely be found in Dublin; it's a city that makes a cordial effort to delight every one of its visitors.

Language: English
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Ireland.
Dialing Code: +35
Time Zone: GMT

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