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Island Hopping

When you think of your personal paradise, it’s hard not to think of island life. Palm-fringed bays, whitewashed buildings, pure sands, crystal clear waters - who doesn’t want to get away from all the noise and soak up some sun and sea? That’s why our island hopping trips are so popular. These are the trips where you can glide from paradise isle to paradise isle, each with their own unique quirks and cultural history. Take your pick from this lot.


In-Depth Explorer Asia Thai Island Hopper West
8 days, From $783 Price $869
234 reviews
In-Depth Explorer Asia Thai Island Hopper East
9 days, from $885
145 reviews
In-Depth Explorer Europe Greek Island Hopping
13 days, From $1,924 Price $2,565
342 reviews
Sailing Europe Croatia Island Sail Plus (Premium Boat - Until Sept 2019)
9 days, from $0
175 reviews
Sailing Europe Island Cruising & Santorini
9 days, from $2,749
23 reviews
In-Depth Explorer USA & Canada Hawaii Unplugged (Previously called The Big Kahuna)
9 days, from $0
22 reviews
In-Depth Explorer Latin America Galapagos Island Hopper
6 days, from $2,475
12 reviews
In-Depth Explorer Latin America Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopper
12 days, From $2,993 Price $3,255
28 reviews

Gazing over crystal-clear waters from sought after tanning spots, freshly caught seafood and hidden coves.

Yep, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite like Island life, where time moves at its own pace and the hustle and bustle of the mainland is just a distant memory. But you know what’s even better than one island? Multiple islands, each with their own traditions, fascinating culture and enticing delicacies. With so many amazing islands and so little time, there’s only one real solution: Island hopping. And with tailor-made island hopping adventures in Europe, Asia and Latin America, we’re here to make all your Island hopping fantasies a certified reality.

In Greece, you’ll be dazzled by Oia’s iconic sunsets, Santorini’s bright white domes and Mykonos’s unmissable coastal nightlife.

Alternatively, throw down your anchor in the Croatian island of Hvar for some celeb-spotting, before cruising to Dubrovnik to explore the old town, famed for its stunning architecture. Looking for something a little more tropical? Snorkelling, Panang curries and secluded island hikes are all part of the package of Thai island life, and boy, have they got it right. From Koh Tao to Koh Samui, these scenes could be straight out of Danny Boyle’s The Beach. We could go on, but we think you’re better off seeing for yourself…



Where can I go Island Hopping?

There are many archipelagos around the world where you can hop from beautiful island to beautiful island. In Europe, some of the most popular island hopping destinations are Greece (where you can enjoy the white sands and beautiful architecture of Santorini, Ios and Mykonos), Croatia and Turkey. If you're looking for somewhere in Asia, Thailand is always a good option, with legendary paradise bays, excellent scuba options and famed party islands like Koh Samui and Koh Tao. There are also beautiful islands off the coast of Ecuador.

What is the nicest greek island?

This one's up for debate and it really depends what you're looking for. We personally love the whitewashed paradise of Mykonos, with its intriguing Cycladic architecture, exhilarating nightlife and watersports and beautiful beaches. But we also know that watching the sunset in Ios can be beaten, and that Santorini has its own many, many charms. Our advice? Do them all!

Can you island hop in Greece?

Yes! The stunning Greek islands of Santorini, Ios and Mykonos were made for island hopping. With the perfect blend of historical intrigue, culture and sun-soaked beaches with pure white sands, it's also a breeze to get from one island to the other, making Greece one of the best places in the world to island hop.

How do you travel to the Greek islands?

The best way to travel to the Greek Islands is by ferry. Our islands hopper trips embark from the fascinating capital of Athens, setting sail to Mykonos, Santorini, Ios and back to Athens.

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