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Sail, Cruise & Dive Holidays

If the ocean is your calling and days spent sailing the seas and exploring islands and port towns sounds like your idea of fun, this travel style is for you. You’ll stay aboard motor sail boats, ex-racing yachts, traditional gulets or cruise ships, soaking up all that sun, sea and sand.

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Do you dream in shades of navy and turquoise? Could you eat seafood all day every day?

Do you love the feeling of sand on your skin and salt in your hair? We’ve got a diagnosis: you’re officially a water baby; and when the ocean calls, it would simply be rude not to pick up. If you’re keen to practice your surfer moves, down to dive in coral reefs or simply want to sail past some beautiful villages, we’ve got the ideal hand-picked destinations for a holiday that will bring you closer to the dazzling deep blue.

Picture yourself dining on mouth-watering local delicacies cooked by your onboard crew on your boat as you cruise past the rugged cliffs of the Mediterranean coast, or perhaps you’d prefer to get up close and personal with technicoloured fish in Australia’s eclectic great barrier reef. Not impressed? What about if we told you that you could cool down on the seashell-covered shorelines of Turkey, a coastline so beautiful it became a personal favourite of Cleopatra herself. Dust off your swimsuits, traveller; it’s time to get your mermaid on…

Sail, Cruise & Dive Destinations


What is the best cruise line for Greek islands?
Cruising the Greek Islands is a great way to soak up some sun, culture and history. The best part is, you can hop from island to island quite quickly, so if you're looking for a cruise line that gets you from Santorini to Mykonos, or Ios back to Athens, check out our world famous Greek Island hopping trips.

Which Greek island is best to visit?
That all depends on what kind of traveller you are. All of the islands offer up oodles of sun, sand and the azure sea, but each have their own quirks and differences that set them apart. If you're looking for the ultimate party island, Ios will probably up your street, where you can dance the night away at night and unwind on the beach during the day. If architecture is more your thing, you should go to Mykonos, where the cycladic maze and winding roads give one of the greatest spectacles in all of the greek islands.

What is the best time to visit Greek islands?
In summer you'll get all that lovely weather you've been craving, as the sun beats down over the domed facades and whitewashed bays, but it will also be the time of year where it's most crowded. Try and get some Easter or Autumn sun for all of the beauty and warmth without the heaving crowds.

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