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West Coast is the name, chillaxing is the game. All the glory of a slow-paced sun-soaked life paired with the electric energy of the cities, a USA West Coast tour will tease you, please you, and entice you to the max. Who can resist golden-sandy beaches, palm trees and vast deserts in hues of red and orange? While the scenic views of LA and San Diego will turn any nature-hater into a hiking enthusiast, the Californian vineyards will transform you from wine-lover to expert, whilst the Native American culture that routes the landscape in history will have you utterly transfixed. Not only will a West Coast tour of America set your soul alight, it will likely reignite your zest for life too, awakening your taste buds in the process.

Whether it’s navigating the shops that lie in the desert oasis of Phoenix, embodying the glitzy ‘Viva Las Vegas’ lifestyle in the casinos of Sin City, or getting creative with the freethinkers of San Francisco, the city where boho meets tech, every sight, sound and experience will offer you a new perspective of the American dream. And don’t even get us started on the food: locally sourced ingredients infused with Latin and Asian influences permeate the culinary scene, served of course with a side of Cali’s finest wine. Basically, all the best ingredients to get you salivating.

What’s the West Coast’s best feature? It’s simple: the pure, untampered natural beauty of the region. For West-Coasters, an affiliation with the great outdoors isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life, and really can you blame them? With the serenity of Bass Lake, the magic of the starry sky above Yosemite National Park and the iconic Joshua Trees of the Mojave Desert all waiting to be explored, it ain’t a West Coast adventure without a nature blockbuster happening every single day of your trip. And who can overlook the Grand Canyon, an unfathomable natural wonder that will have you pondering your place in the world as you marvel at its size and beauty. Travelling the USA’s West Coast will reinvigorate you, inspire you, and no doubt move you to the core. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself.

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Language:  English

Currency:  US Dollar

Electricity:  110V

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