Travel Tip Tuesday: Prepare to Hit the Beach

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0705AUSD2013Exactly ONE MONTH from today marks the first day of Summer 2013 – are you ready for it? We’re looking forward to summer travels (where are you going?!), warmer days, and spending all day outdoors, and there’s no other place that ties into summer than the beach.

We’re also featuring 15 of favorite beach destinations around the world and Contiki tours that travel to each place!  You may also find a sweet deal to accompany it too!  Once you book that trip, use this list to prepare to hit the beach!


Follow the “S” Rules

Sand, surf, sun – these are the words that come to mind when we’re thinking about hitting the beach.  Yet there are often three S words that are forgotten:  SPF, Sunblock, and Shade!  Protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun (even if you are trying to achieve that golden sun tan) will reap benefits in the long run. Sit underneath an umbrella and remember that the sand, surf, and sun will also rub off your sunblock, so make sure that you’re reapplying after frolicking the coastal shorelines.  And if you need another “S”, ladies can pack a sarong and use it as a beach towel or a cover-up!

Dip Your Toes In the Water

0363AUSD2013Contiki US is headquartered in sunny Southern California and we have encountered many an out-of-towner who has mistakenly rushed into the Pacific Ocean at top speed thinking they will be enveloped by warm California waters.  Not so!  The icy waters from the Pacific Northwest make their way down south, causing such a frigid fright that people go running out just as quickly as they ran in.  Every destination’s beach has a different temperature, so take a precautionary dip with your toes before you decide to take an icy bath!


This is a short and fun way of reminding you to “pack for your activities.”  Don’t forget an extra beach towel if you plan on dunking in the water.  Bring a volleyball to get some bumps and spikes in on the sand if you decide not to take a dip.  Remember that many beaches you visit around the world may not have the same amenities that you have at your home coasts, so be sure to bring plastic bags to take your trash out and don’t complicate things by bringing too many items to the beach.  Always bring with you some extra cash in case you need to purchase water or other snacks while you’re out and about.

Get Your Workout On

032811_2207Looking to get bikini body ready? Don’t forget to join in on the The Tone it Up Bikini Series to get ready to strut your stuff on the beach!  Karena and Katrina of Tone it Up launched this 8-week program to get you in the best summer shape of your life and best of all – it’s free.  Follow their workouts and get into summer vacation mode by getting your workout on!

What are you doing to get Beach Ready?

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