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Travel Contiki

Welcome to the home of the Contiki community: from the hottest trips and Contiki tips, to hilarious stories from our travellers. Because when we travel Contiki, we Travel.Together.

My Contiki Story

This is a space for you: our incredible community of travel-obsessed creatives. A space to reminisce, dream, and define the Contiki moments that’ll live with you forever. This is a space for your very own Contiki Story.

best foods in the world

Only On Contiki

Why is Contiki the best way to see the world? Because of experiences like these. From spectacular accommodation to eye-widening encounters with the locals, this is the stuff you’ll only find with Contiki.

A group of people enjoying their gap year trips in a pool in front of a castle.

Trip Spotlights

Each fortnight we shine a spotlight on the hottest Contiki trips. From Parisian patisseries to Patagonian peaks, we’ll unearth what makes a trip so special, straight from mouths of the local experts (psst…we’re talking about our epic Trip Managers).

Group of Young Travellers exploring Greece