Travel Tip Tuesday: Collective Photo Sharing

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Picture Taking When you travel with Contiki, you’re making new friends from around the world – and chances are, you’ll be making guest appearances in many of their photos (and vice versa for them in yours!)  How do you get your hands on these memorable moments?  Here’s a few tips on ways to make sure that you have a snapshot from the perspective of your favorite travelers!

Upload photos to Contiki’s Shout app

The beauty of Contiki’s Shout app is the timeline function – you don’t have to have a data connection to upload your photos.  Add them to your timeline and when you get connected, they will automatically update them into the feed and you’ll be able to share your photos and see everyone else’s!  Make sure to get your tour mates on the Shout bandwagon so you can get all of your photos in chronological order!

Hashtag Your Tour

Hashtags have become so popular that even Facebook rolled them out last month.  You and your tour mates can create a creative, unique hashtag and captures your entire Contiki experience together and you can have fun browsing through everyone’s photos without having to follow every single person.  If you also hashtag #Contiki, we’ll be able to repost your photos too!

Dropbox Your Photos

A free service, Dropbox can be accessed via your phone, your computer browser, or you can download it to your tablet and access your files.  Email the files via Dropbox and boom!  Your new friends will all have access to all the snaps that you’ve taken on your life-changing adventure.

Add to Your Facebook Group

Many of you start Facebook groups specifically for your tour departure.  Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook and then link them through to Contiki!  We love seeing your photos and sharing in your experiences.  Also – you can always share your photos here on the blog.  Write us a blog post and let us know what you thought of your trip!

How do YOU share your photos with our new Contiki friends?

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