12 times your jaw will hit the floor in Budapest

Who knew Budapest was THIS good?

When you realize that the Parliament building is indeed a Parliament building and not a giant castle.

Budapest Parliament
Photo by Sheena Rosentreter

When you enter a ruin bar and realize you’ve never been in a place that cool in your life.

When you relax to the fullest in the beautiful baths.

Budapest Baths

When you realize that all of the bridges connecting Buda and Pest are different but beautiful in their own way.

When you stumble across the gorgeous castle that is Vajdahunyad.

Photo by Sheena Rosentreter

When you cruise along the Rhine and you don’t know where to look because you’re surrounded by so much beauty on both sides.

When you realize how beautiful the city is by night.

Budapest by night

When you visit Fisherman’s Bastion and take in all of its beauty and the epic city views from the top.

When you have your first authentic goulash and your tastebuds explode into paprika paradise.

When you learn about Hungary's intense history in the House of Terror Museum.

House of Terror

When you realize that the Hungarian State Opera House may just be nicer than any opera house in Austria.

When you want to visit a museum and realize it’s housed in a gorgeous castle. #bonus

Buda Castle