How One Couple Travelled Around The World On A Bus For $600

You've probably heard it all before. Young travel blogger. Young couple travelling the world. Young guy takes epic selfies around the world with a GoPro.

But nonetheless, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy every damn time doesn't it?

Well, this one's different. Promise.

Meet the ultimate pair of travel bloggers (and couple) from Poland – Alex and Charlie. In 6 years, they have visited over 50 countries across 5 continents and driven more than 150,000 km. Their blog, ‘bus around the world‘ won blog of the year in Poland in 2014 and with a social army of 100,000 – it’s no surprise!

And guess how it all began? By purchasing a van for a total of $600? Here’s what went down.

Around the world on a bus - Image of couple who travels around the world on a bus

They wanted to travel the world but didn’t have very much money to do it so they bought a van for $600 and converted it into a travel car. This van is an old-school VW T3 from 1989.  The car is fully equipped with an electric shower, bed, kitchen, 220V power converter and many other things they built themselves.

Around the world on a bus - image of the bus

They’ve visited many countries around the world, one of which includes this beautiful grassy house in Iceland.

Around the world on a bus - Travel bloggers in Iceland

And bathed in Icelandic hot springs.

Around the world on a bus - couple in lake in iceland

They made their way through Europe to world-renowned Norway and climbed to the top of this pretty huge rock.

Around the world on a bus - Image of couple in Norway

Chilled in Venice, Italy and watched the world go by.

Around the world on a bus - Bus around the world to Venice

Drove through the desert in Morocco, Northern Africa.

Around the world on a bus - driving through the desert

They even managed to explore America from just $8* a day, visiting the Zion National Park and many other iconic sights.

Around the world on a bus - Couple travel by bus to Zion

Travellers and followers of their blog even joined them along the way! And to think these guys are just 27 years of age….

Around the world on a bus - standing on bus

They fund their travels by living in their van, never paying for accommodation and sleeping wherever nature takes them.

Around the world on a bus - camping at night

However, let’s not forget they are now in fact Poland’s most popular travel bloggers, and so have managed to fund parts of their trips through sponsorship. But the talent doesn’t end there – these guys have ALSO published two books which documents their expeditions around the world!

Around the world on a bus - Couple publish book around the world

Somehow their van even made it all the way down under to Outback Australia.

Around the world on a bus - jumping in front of Uluru

The secret? It’s not always about eating out at restaurants and doing faaancy things. They often prepare meals themselves and eat local and cheap delicacies. Like Kangaroo meat. Fo realz.

Around the world on a bus - eating in front of Uluru

Follow Alex and Charlie’s journey and blog, bus around the world. All images supplied by Charlie Lewandowski.

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