Europe Road Tripping Fashion: How to Look Great While Sleeping in the Back Seat

Did you think that the long plane ride would be the only part of your vay-cay where you'd be sitting on your bum for hours on end? Oh no no no. There are going to be parts of your trip where you’re going to be traveling from city to city, which means you’ll be spending a good chunk of time sitting on a coach or ferry. Want to stay looking fresh? Read on...

When you take a long scenic coastal drive after visiting Pompeii to Sorrento, or head to Blarney Castle after visiting the Jameson distillery in Cork, Ireland, you’ll definitely want to rock a look that will keep you cosy for the parts of the day where you’re not venturing by foot. Back seat power naps are essential to restore some much-needed energy, so you have to make sure your ensemble won’t get wrinkly from all the different positions your sleepy self will attempt to curl into.



Europe Road Tripping Fashion

Look fashionable AND get comfy by wearing a good pair of jeans with a simple sleeveless bodysuit tucked in (it’ll stay in place all day and won’t wrinkle), a stylish jacket because you know the AC is going to be blasting in your coach (brrr!), faux leather sneakers, and a chic backpack to keep all your necessities in. With an ensemble like this, you will easily be able to transition from climbing the perilous cliffs of Moher to power napping on the back seat.