5 happiness lessons to apply to your everyday


This article was created for The Travel Project by Felicia Broccolo, a 23 year old traveller from California, currently living in New Zealand.

There's no doubt that I'm at my happiest when travelling - but it's important not to let the post-travel blues get you down in-between trips. Here are 5 practices that I learned from travelling that keep me happy while I'm waiting for my next adventure:

Practice having gratitude

When I’m traveling and something ‘bad’ happens, I look at the situation in such a positive way because I’m traveling! It can’t be that bad when I’m seeing the world, right?! Traveling just seems to bring out a gratitude in me that isn’t usually there. And when I decided to be just as grateful at home as I am when I travel, life got a whole lot better.


Prioritise self care

You might be thinking ‘No way, how could I be as happy at home as I was when I went to the beach every day, and got massages once a week?’ That’s pretty hard to top. But this routine was constant self care – and that shouldn’t stop when you get home. I make time to go for walks, do yoga, meditate, eat healthy, read, and be outside. It makes a huge difference.

The absolute best way I could have spent my last night in Bali ????????????

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Change career paths

Find a job that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. I know it’s easier said than done, but I did it. I’ve been working everyday between 8 and 16 hours and it doesn’t even feel like working. I’m getting paid to do what I love, and if what you’re doing isn’t filling you with joy – change it!

Meet new people

Meeting people is one of my favorite parts about traveling. I love meeting locals from another culture, but I also love staying at hostels and sleeping in a room full of people I just met. So while I’m at home, I’ll try to find places where I can meet new people. Bonus points if they’re not from the United States. Dating apps can be a great place to meet people who are traveling – no shame!

Plan your next trip

I always need something to look forward to! It gives me motivation to save money, to treat my body well, and to be grateful for the time that I have at home. Even a small weekend road trip counts. Anything that gets me out of town, going on a new adventure, deepening previous relationships, and creating new ones. If I didn’t have any trips planned, I’d go crazy!

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