12 Images From Rio Carnival That Capture The No Limits Ethos Of It All

It’s that time of year again… RIO CARNIVAL IS UPON US! The glitter, the feathers, the energy, the late nights and big smiles are back for the annual samba competition that overtakes Rio de Janeiro. It’s a whirlwind five days for anyone attending the endless parties and parades, but if we had to sum it up in two words it would be: No Limits.

Here’s what we mean when we say Rio Carnival is a no limits kind of event...

The Costumes

No matter your age or gender, Rio Carnival is a place to shine. From towering feather headdresses paired with jewelled bikinis to traditional gowns just made for dancing, the costumes are jaw-droppingly detailed and magical.

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The Dancing

When the drums start banging your natural reaction will be to want to get up and (attempt to) dance the samba. There’s something so infectious about the beat, and the practice and skill that goes into it is something you can only truly appreciate once you’ve seen how long (and far!) they dance.

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The Parade

The floats are a wonder unto themselves. If you can tear your eyes away from the dancers, you’ll see the floats are true works of art. No expense or detail is spared for Carnival!

This is definitely one of the highlights of this year for me. Lots of vibrant colors, extravagant costumes, floats, music and thousands of people participating on the parade doing their choreography in one of the longest stadiums i've ever seen. (we can't even see the other end from our seat) Talk about creativity from props to music! Each costume and float is praiseworthy. Heard that right after the carnival they start preparing for the next year's parade. Wow. This is just one of the many floats. We only stayed there for a few hours and we know the parade lasts for about half a day at a time for a few days so we definitely missed a lot. It was more like we only had a glimpse of it yet we all left feeling extremely happy knowing we were able to witness one of the grandest events the world is looking forward to every year. #riocarnival2017 #carnaval #mardigras #sambadrome #riodejaneiro #traveltheworld #brazil #lateupload #2017highlights #sleeplessnights

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The Community

The one thing you won’t be able to put your finger on but you’ll feel in your bones is the sense of community Carnival inspires. There’s no limits in the parades, and there’s no limits at the favela (or neighbourhood) parties during Carnival across Rio. The whole city celebrates and the streets feel electric and alive everywhere you go!