OKCupid’s new campaign is giving a whole new meaning to DTF

Any millennial who's been single in the past 4 years will probably be more than qualified to talk about the black hole that is Tinder. Some (who have found love) hail it as the best thing since sliced bread, others have branded it as a negative take on dating which encourages hook-up culture.

There's one thing we can all agree on though: when you start swiping, it's very hard to stop...

I’m one of many who can’t remember, nor imagine, what on earth dating was like before dating apps. Were someone to tell me to set up a date without the assistance of technology, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Ultimately, dating apps foster every introverts ideal scenario; getting to know someone before you actually commit to leaving your house and meeting them in person. But it’s no secret that this on-demand approach to meeting people has been the gateway to a completely new dating culture – one that has the tendency to prioritise casual relationships over romance. This new hook-up culture has become such an epidemic that many are even referring to it as a ‘date-pocolypse’.

Alongside the new culture comes a new vocabulary. With ‘Tindering’ now a verb in its own rite, and my personal favourite ‘Tinderella’ referring a new female tinder match, there’s one phrase-come-question that every singleton has come across: DTF. Standing for (do we even need to tell you?) ‘down to f***’, it’s a question circled so much on the dating app circuit that people have turned to specifying whether they are or are not DTF in their app bio’s.


With all the apps available to singles, OKCupid is one classic dating platform that seemed to fade into the background, until now. Debuting a brand new campaign, OKCupid is single handedly tackling the hook-up culture head on.

In an ingenius satyrical counterpoint to Tinder’s hook up culture, OKCupid’s new campaign is aimed at millennials who are tired of the lack of meaning behind modern dating, by offering them a completely fresh approach. Taking the phrase DTF and changing the connotations of the F from sexual, to anything that you want them to mean, this is hook-up culture re-branded. In its colourful new posters and adverts, the phrase ‘DTF’ is displayed with different meanings, such as DTFight the patriarchy, DTFarmers market, DTFinish my novel.

The inspiration to add a twist to this classic phrase was, in actual fact, feminism. Having been a particularly turbulent year for women, the masterminds at OKCupid wanted to dismantle some of the demeaning ways of looking at and referring to women on the dating scene. By asserting that political and social awareness has a place in dating, OKCupids mission is simple: bring power and agency back to women in the world of dating. You don’t have to be DTF, but you can be DTFight the patriarchy – or even just be DTFeel fabulous.


As well as being super astute and timely, the new campaign is colourful, fun and eye catching, and the same-sex couples featured in many of its posters also ensure it’s inclusive. You can let your imagination run wild with all of the things you could do with a new partner (that begin with F, of course) but the biggest takeaway is that in the current climate of on-demand quick fixes, it’s easy to forget that your own desires, emotions and dreams should absolutely come first. It might even be time for a Tinder detox; we predict a romance renaissance on the rise…