Travel Tips: Snacks on a Plane!

No, not snakes - we're talking snacks on a plane! Even though you usually get snacks and meals included on your international flights, more often than not you'll find yourself not even scoring a pack of peanuts on those domestic flights here in the U.S. It's always good to have snacks on you, in case you have a short connecting flight and you can't grab lunch and there's nothing of substance available on your flight.

Check out some tips for the types of snacks that you should be bringing with you on the plane!

Instant Oatmeal

You may find yourself paying $7-8 for a snack box that features a few crackers, some nuts, and maybe some salami.  Grab a heartier alternative with instant oatmeal (the ones in the cups are the easiest to deal with), which are healthier than some of the offerings on the plane and only require hot water, which the flight attendants can happily offer you for free!

Chewing Gum or Breath Mints

Okay so this isn’t necessarily a snack but you should definitely have something to freshen your breath during the long flights.  If you have a toothbrush and you enjoy brushing your teeth on the airplane, you can definitely do that.  But chewing gum can also help pop your ears if you reach high altitudes and breath mints are always a nice courtesy when you decide to strike up a conversation with that plane neighbor of yours.

Minimal Mess Fruits

Fruit is a great snack to bring on a flight, but sometimes they require a bit more work – and when you’re confined to your seat on an airplane, you try to minimize your mess.  Consider a small bag of grapes, some of the easiest-to-eat and least messy fruits to bring with you on a flight.  If you bring clementines, you have to peel them.  You can easily eat apples but once you get to the core, you have to toss it.  You’ll peel that banana and then not know what to do with that banana peel (or find yourself calling the flight attendant to haul it away.)  Make it easy and pick the fruits that won’t cause a mess – your plane neighbor will thank you too and you can use them as an ice breaker by offering the person next to you a piece!


Some airlines offer pretzels in lieu of peanuts to passengers (due to potential allergies), and there’s a good reason – pretzels are a great snack that can give you the satisfaction of being full but come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and is a much better alternative than a bag of potato chips.

Breakfast Bars or Energy Bars

They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we often skip over them – especially if we’re trying to catch a flight!  Breakfast or energy bars are a great, easy-to-pack alternative that will help with your hunger pangs until you can get some food in your belly.


Whatever you select, just be mindful that it’s not too messy, isn’t too pungent (that tuna sandwich might not be the best idea), and if you’re feeling generous, that it’s something you can share!  Safe travels!