My trip to China completely changed my outlook on cultural differences

jake rich

This article was created for The Travel Project by Jake Rich, an Australian YouTuber, adventurer and storyteller.

A couple of months ago, I was invited to explore China with The Travel Project. My mission? To dive deep into the culture of this vast, ancient land, to try and discover how, despite our apparent differences in ways of living, we as a human race are all the same.

But this culture I thought, how do I even begin to comprehend it? It’s rich, steeped in history and tradition and absolutely beautiful, but also completely intangible – something I could surely only witness as a visitor without understanding its true meaning.

Yet travelling here, I soon realised how wrong I had initially been. Yes, the language here is impossible to understand and yes the sheer number of humans is daunting, but at the heart of the country is something that beats within all of us – humanity.


Eating, loving, enjoying, spending time with loved ones – these are the pillars of society in China, as they are any other country in the world. The warmth of the people I met, the love they have for one another, the family first way of life – how is this any different from my life back home?

We are all one’ was created in light of this discovery; my interpretation of the fact that intrinsically and despite our differences, we are all the same…

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