What to pack for a summer in Europe – city vs beach

A summer in the continent means different things to different people – some of us just wanna get our mermaid on, and some of us wanna explore the streets and sites.

A beach bum vacay and a city vacay are gonna require some very different gear, so packing smart for YOUR trip type is a must. Here’s what to pack for a summer in Europe and what to ditch depending on your summer plans:


City ditch the bulk, go for over the shoulder and secure

Beach ditch the purse for something big, durable and multipurpose. Opt to keep your valuables on you in a waterproof container, hide them well, or leave them at the hotel


City – comfy, walking friendly sneakers, sandals and flats

Beach – sandals all the way baby, flip flops or thongs preferred

Europe City

Sun Protection

City – The lighter the better. Avoid the sticky stuff

Beach – Make sure that it’s waterproof and up the SPF


City – Headphones all the way! If you’re spending a lot of time jumping from city to city, a splurge for a noise-cancelling option is recommended, but if you’re exploring your cities by foot, keep it light and simple and enjoy your playlist as it combines with the local soundtrack

Beach – For optimum tan line avoidance, wireless earphones are a plus. A portable speaker is totally cool as well for some subtle out loud tunes

Beach time


City – The more compact the better. Avoid hard covers and opt for e-books if you can

Beach – Your e-reader screen may fall victim to sun glare, so a physical book or magazine may do better at the beach. Plus, it’s not that big of a deal if your book gets a bit wet; your e-reader on the other hand is a bigger loss


City – glam it up or keep it simple, just bring your favourite products and leave the bulk at home

Beach – We suggest keeping it minimal, but if not, light, waterproof and SPF versions are best. Avoid carrying around products that’ll melt in the heat!



City – Anything goes, but clothing is usually not optional, so bottoms, tops and shoes are required

Beach – If it doesn’t fit over your bathing suit, or if it looks ridiculous when paired with your bikini straps, don’t even bother

Don’t Forget

City – rain protection

Beach – towel, multiple bathing suits

Both – summers in Europe can get steamy, so don’t forget your bottle of water!

Packing for the city