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15 places to visit in Switzerland that are straight up Disney

Is it crazy to think that every single Disney movie could be set in Switzerland? We thought so too, but the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

Here are 15 ridiculously gorgeous places to visit in Switzerland if you’re into living the Disney princess/ prince/ villain life for just a little while longer.

Lugano, for romantic gardens and parks reminiscent of Cinderella’s dalliance before curfew

Basel, with quaint vintage London charm that’ll have you waiting for Peter Pan to fly through your window

Andeer, with a name and scenery perfect for Bambi

Jungfrau, for a winter wonderland worthy of Elsa herself

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St Gallen, with an adorable town vibe perfect for Belle

Lucerne, for gorgeous European city life reminiscent of 101 Dalmations

Ticino, with towers made for Rapunzel

The Swiss Alps, for long and perilous train tracks straight out of Dumbo

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Montreux, for sunsets reminiscent of romantic carpet rides with Aladdin

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Appenzell, for remote cabins in the wilderness made just for Snow White

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Bern, for cozy winter views worthy of wishing upon a star like Pinocchio

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St Moritz, for lush greenery that’ll remind you of the Brave adventures of Merida

Oberhofen, for shoreline castles with clear blue waters that could be straight out of Ariel’s dreams

Geneva, for lakes that make you feel like you’re in the bayous with Tiana

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And the endless Swiss wilderness, for creepy and stunning forests straight out of Sleeping Beauty

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