The People Have Spoken: This Is 2017’s best Gelato

Love a scoop (or six) of gelato? You are by no means alone and whether you favour the decadent, creamy varieties or prefer ice-cold sorbet, there is somewhere in the world a parlour that has been declared THE ONE. Yes. The one, AKA, the best. And this is 2017s best gelato…

Firstly we should state that this is a very real competition and people do get to hold the dream job of being gelato judges and gelato university attendees. We are not joking and this is solid proof heaven clearly exists.

The Gelato World Tour, run by the Carpigiani Gelato University, judged all the top-rated spoonfuls of joy over a period of three years (!) with nine preliminary rounds across various continents, and out of 36 finalists they finally settled on a winner.

As you can see, this was serious business.

After getting 50,000 lucky people to sample 5,511 delicious pounds of the short-listed gelato over a 3-day festival in Italy’s Rimini, the people voted Gelateria Crispini’s pistachio gelato as the absolute best in gelato in the entire world.

The coveted award came as a huge shock to owner Alessandro Crispini, who said he never expected to win (but the giant ice cream cone trophy doesn’t lie) but has no regrets about choosing to enter pistachio as a flavour. “Pistachio may seem like a banal flavour, but after deeply studying the raw materials, I made something that seems simple but is in fact very complex,” he explained.

His particular concoction is made using three different types of toasted (over 24 hours) Sicilian pistachios mixed with a delectable mixture of Madagascar vanilla, cream, sugar, more pistachios, caramelised sugar and a pinch of Adriatic sea salt.

YUMMMMMM! You can find Crispini’s gelataria in the town of Spoleto, but if you can’t make it there why not start your own journey to find the ultimate gelato? Better start taste testing today 😉

Pistacchio + Stracciatella ?

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