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This 23-year old woman has been travelling around Europe with a chalkboard prosthetic leg

Meet Devon, the inspiring 23-year old girl who has been travelling across Europe whilst writing each of her destinations on her chalkboard prosthetic leg.

This Philadelphian gal was born with a congenital bone disease and although doctors tried to save her leg, they had to amputate her foot when she was just four years old.

Despite her disability and the curve ball life has thrown at her, she maintains a positive outlook on life that’s contagious to us all. She recently graduated University and decided to embark on a whirlwind trip around Europe. She came up with a genius idea to spray-paint her leg with chalkboard paint, and wrote the name of each city she visited to create some hella inspiring images.

"I guess I learned at a young age that life can suck and that it’s not fair at times...But you can still lead a happy and fulfilling life if you have the right attitude and choose to focus on the positives, you always have to put things in perspective, I consider myself very lucky."

Devon, you’re an inspiration to us all, girl! Follow her journey on Instagram here.

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