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31 life coach tips you should read if life’s a bit shit RN

Ever find yourself in a bit of a rut and need to get yourself out? We've all been there.

In 2016, after having a pretty mediocre year, I was lucky enough to find myself in a room with a clinical psychologist. She taught 50 of us the basic tools to mastering our lives, which basically turned into a guide on how to get our shit together. What came out of these three powerful hours, are some very useful and rather simple pieces of advice that could drastically improve your life.


  • Make the time matter in your life
  • Give things attention to remove anxiety
  • Something has to break us to make us, so question where you’re going in life
  • We are not perfect, so stop striving for it
  • We are creatures of habit, so start building a new behaviour if there’s something that needs to be addressed
  • Be careful what you believe, because it can become your reality
  • Read more books
  • Meditate, and let it go
Let it go


  • Be proactive in your life
  • Be disciplined
  • Find focus and purpose
  • Take responsibility
  • Have intention and attention
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Work on your emotional intelligence

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  • Couples break up because they think they don’t matter to each other
  • It’s not about failing, it’s how quickly you can react and bounce back
  • Be in touch with what matters
  • You are only as powerful as your relationships, the greater they are, the more pull power you’ll have
  • Cheating is the ultimate betrayal
  • Don’t ever just assume, go find out
  • Don’t play the blame game
  • Don’t take it personally
  • The people you’re surrounded by is everything. Like attracts like. Hang out with like-minded people who have the power to change you


  • You need to engage your employees in order to help people execute their goals
  • Be curious about your team and really try to build a relationship
  • Master your reaction by finding the right approach to working together
  • Realise that not everyone is a win/win player
  • We’re not designed to know everything. Use your resources and people in the right way
  • Be with a corporation that has a soul
  • If you don’t reflect and review, where are you actually heading?

Your mental health and well-being is very important. If you’re not feeling OK right now, or know someone who needs help, please visit your local GP or BeyondBlue for more information about depression, anxiety, and treatment. 

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