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10 of the best Brazilian foods you have to try right now

Two women tasting coconuts, one of the best Brazilian foods to try.

While everyone’s dreaming of Rio and rainforests, I’m over here remembering the three long, hot months I spent exploring the country, its glorious beaches, cities and food. I can’t seem to get past the FOOD. Of all my memories of the country, it’s this that I can’t get out of my mind. Those moreish cheesy pastries. Those ever-so-perfect brigadeiros. Speaking from experience, Brazilian food has to be some of the best in the world, so here are just a few of my favourite Brazilian foods and how to make them. Enjoy!

Pão de queijo

What is it? Small puffy cheese balls that are traditionally eaten as a snack or for breakfast.

Ingredients: Tapioca flour (gluten-free), a mix of shredded cheese, eggs, milk, oil, garlic and salt.

What’s the big deal? This tasty sphere-shaped ball is quite simply magical: the combination of two basic elements, cheese and tapioca flour creates a flavour that beats all bread and cheese based pastries that ever existed, just like that.

Level of obsession: 100/10 because I can’t imagine what life would be like without them.

Bonus: DIY recipe

pao de queijo


What is it? Mini chocolate truffles covered in sprinkles

Ingredients: Cacao powder, condensed milk and butter

What’s the big deal? These tiny balls of heaven might look like a regular truffle but trust me, the flavour is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. It’s no surprise that all Brazilians are crazy about it : after one bite, you’re instantly addicted.

Level of obsession: 10/10 because it’s the perfect guilty pleasure

Bonus: DIY recipe – they’re insanely easy to make PLUS you can eat the mixture hot, even straight from the pan if you’re impatient like me!



What is it? The almighty Brazilian-style barbecue

Ingredients: Meat lovers only since it’s all varieties of grilled beef, lamb, pork, sausage and chicken

What’s the big deal? South Americans have a well-deserved reputation with their meat but Brazilians arguably offer the top-notch juicy experience amongst them all. Head to a churrascaria (the name of typical Brazilian meat restaurants) for an epic all-you-can-eat meal of a lifetime.

Level of obsession: 10/10 because of the succulent picanha meat


Mandioca frita

What is it? Literally deep fried manioc (or cassava), a traditional snack or side dish

Ingredients: Manioc, vegetable oil, water, salt and pepper

What’s the big deal? As golden and crunchy as the typical french fries but with a healthier, lighter taste – simply yummy.

Level of obsession: 9/10

Bonus: DIY recipe 


mandioca frita


What is it? A nice and easy deep fried snack made of thin crust pies filled with salty or sweet components.

Ingredients: Pastry dough and optional fillings : cheese, beef and chicken are the most common ones but don’t be afraid to get creative.

What’s the big deal? This typical finger food is crunchy on the outside and has a tasty creamy heart on the inside. Doesn’t matter the filling, you know it will be thrilling.

Level of obsession: 9/10


Maracuja mousse

What is it? A passion fruit mousse dessert

Ingredients: Cream, passion fruit pulp and condensed milk

What’s the big deal? Maracaju is simply the bomb in Brazil. The fruit has so much flavour there that it’s used for all sorts of purposes: smoothies, cakes, ice cream or even cocktails – all good reasons to make the locals passionate about this tropical fruit.

Level of obsession: 9.5/10 because it’s the perfect balance between fresh and sweet

Bonus: DIY recipe

maracuja mousse


What is it? A toasted mixture of manioc flour

Ingredients: Manioc flour enhanced with butter, onions, raisin, nuts, parsley and occasionally eggs or bacon

What’s the big deal? Deliciously crunchy, the farofa has a very dry and unusual flavour. Brazilians love to eat it with their churrasco since it somehow accentuates the taste of meat, the perfect union for ultimate culinary orgasms.

Level of obsession: 8/10 because it needs some added flavours for it to be moreish

Bonus: DIY recipe



What is it? Açaí is a dark purple colour fruit that is popularly transformed into a thick smoothie.

Ingredients: Frozen açaí pulp mixed with a few drops of water and guaraná syrup, often blended with bananas. Other fruits and granola can be added to if you fancy it.

What’s the big deal? Refreshing AF, this berry is a superfruit that not only tastes delish but also comes with a good dose of health benefits. No wonder locals eat this during breakfast – there’s nothing more efficient to boost your energy levels and get you pumped up for the day.

Level of obsession: 8.5 because you can also find açaí candy, ice cream, vodka AND açaí beer which is pretty damn original

Bonus: DIY recipe 

A bowl of blueberry granola with berries and bananas, a delicious Brazilian breakfast option.


What is it? Similar to pastéis (though softer), a coxinha is a battered and fried dough usually filled with shredded spicy chicken. It’s meant to slightly resemble a chicken’s leg (but as you can see below, don’t count on this description to recognise them).

Ingredients: Dough, bread crumbs, chicken, mashed potato (optional), onions, parsley and occasionally tomato sauce or cheese.

What’s the big deal? A soft hearted pastry with a filling always full of flavours and a crispy exterior that makes you ask for more every single time – that I can vouch for. Meat-free options are also available for you lovely vegetarians out there.

Level of obsession: 9/10 because of how they melt in your mouth

Bonus: DIY recipe



What is it? A manioc crepe-like pancake

Ingredients: Manioc flour and chosen toppings

What’s the big deal? This typical street food is served piping hot and allows you to eat it according to your mood -either salty, sweet or sour. It has a similar taste to crepes or pancakes but feels lighter thanks to the manioc.

Level of obsession: 8.5/10 because it doesn’t make your belly bloat as much as its two sisters – crepe and pancake

Bonus: DIY recipe