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10 Can’t Miss American Attractions For Your Bucket List

American flag

The United States is a diverse melting pot of picturesque landscapes, cultures, and scenery – from sea to shining sea you’ll find mountain ranges, frenetic cities, and vast oceans – just imagine that the state of Texas can hold the entirety of France and you’ll start to understand the sheer size of the USA. It’s difficult to narrow down all the amazing places that one person can see when traveling through the U.S., but make sure to add these can’t-miss American attractions to your travel bucket list.

The Pacific and/or Atlantic Ocean

We’ll stifle our laughter when you run full speed ahead into the surprisingly cold waters of the Pacific (or Atlantic) ocean and come out screaming when you realize that these waters aren’t as warm as you imagined. However, coupled with breezy beaches and local beachgoers of all ages, you can always make new friends at a nearby bonfire or get toasty warm under a towel that has been sitting on the scorching hot sand all day long.

Pacific Ocean

The Las Vegas Strip

The City of Sin never sleeps and this U.S. city is the epitome of indulgence – so now’s not the time to hold back! Leave no stone unturned in a city that offers something for everyone. Gamble in the casinos of Fremont Street (the original Strip), dance the night away at clubs featuring some of the world’s hottest DJs (Hakkasan), explore restaurants in luxurious hotels and casinos helmed by celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, or catch amazing shows such as Cirque du Soleil (or Celine Dion – Hey, we don’t judge! You do you, boo.)

Las Vegas strip

The Grand Canyon

We hope you have an ice pack ready for that jaw-hits-the-floor-moment when you see how massive the Grand Canyon is – a natural phenomenon that is so vast, you could actually fill it with all the lakes in the country and it STILL wouldn’t fill to the top. Take a hike to the bottom of the canyon (prepare for altitude sickness), explore the canyon rims or for the thrill seekers jump on a helicopter ride for a birds-eye view.

Grand Canyon

Yosemite Valley and the Grove of Giant Sequoias

Mother Nature never looked so good. If you want to feel like a tiny cog in the wheel of the world, walk through the Grove of the Giant Sequoias before heading to Yosemite Valley to see rushing waterfalls and El Capitan – a granite monolith that reaches towards the sky.

Yosemite Half Dome

The bright lights of New York City

With a nickname like “The City that Never Sleeps,” you can’t come to the United States and not see the bright lights or get swept up in the frenetic energy of New York City. From ascending the Empire State Building, hanging out at 30 Rockefeller where “Saturday Night Live” is filmed, walking among the lush greenery in Central Park, there’s a reason Frank Sinatra once said, “New York, New York – so good they named it twice.”

New York city Times Square

Monument Valley and the Painted Desert

One of the most photographed regions of the United States located in the city of Utah, Monument Valley is a cluster of vast sandstone buttes in the desert. If you want to feel like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne in an American western film, travel to Monument Valley and soak in the natural wonder that is still classified as part of the Navajo Nation’s Tribal Park.

Monument Valley

The Architecture of the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

Put away the beads and keep your shirt down – not every day is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. In fact, make sure you visit the French Quarter (we highly suggest Bourbon Street) on a regular day to admire the unique architecture of the buildings that line the streets (yes, admit it, you thought it looked like Disneyland). Add in the street musicians and the unique smells of beignets and coffee from Café Du Monde and you can tick this destination off your list.

French Quarter New Orleans

Memphis, Tennessee

Shakira wasn’t the first person to show us that hips don’t lie. When you roll into Memphis, pay homage to “The King” Elvis Presley and prepare your best pelvic thrust for a visit to his home, Graceland (a must-see for any music fan), then saunter over to Beale Street and add a little rock to your soul in this musical haven known to be the home of blues, rock n’ roll, and soul music.

Beale Street Memphis

Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills of South Dakota

If you want a bit of art mixed in with nature, cruise through South Dakota and feast your eyes upon one of the most elaborate sculptures in existence: Mount Rushmore . Four US Presidents are immortalized on the side of this mountain, carved with incredible likeness to their portraits and an amazing testamanet that anything can be a canvas.

Mount Rushmore

An American baseball game

Before you pack your bags and head back home, your American bucket list can’t be complete without witnessing a totally authentic American pastime. Catch a true blue American baseball game in an iconic stadium (we suggest Boston’s Fenway Park) and mingle with the locals as you live out the lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – complete with peanuts, Cracker Jack, and maybe a cold brew to wash it all down.

Baseball Yankee Stadium