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10 memes you’d only get if you’ve been to Europe with Contiki

Three friends exploring Europe with Contiki standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

2017 is all about the memes, and with Instagram accounts like @betches, @mytherapistsays, @unilad and @sarcasm_only giving us our daily dose of giggles, lolz on tap are only a scroll away.

But if you’re already part of the Contiki family and you’ve travelled to some of our incredible Europe Summer destinations, these memes will be extremely REAL, and wayyyy too close to home.

Making the all-important first impression at the Contiki Basement @beigecardigan

When you spent the afternoon white water rafting through the Austrian Tyrol @sarcasm_only

What really goes down at that Tuscan wine tasting @mytherapistsays

When you forget your sleeping mask on the coach but you’ve got this @betches

The paella got the better of you but it was worth every roll @unilad

The morning after the Contiki Chateau de Cruix basement party @girlwithnojob

French baguette + hangover = @girlwithnojob

When you get to the home run of your Contiki trip @ betches

When you’re finally alone but still have the holiday feels @mytherapistsays

And the post Contiki blues set in @unilad