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image of robots at the robot restaurant in Japan

What is it about weirdly themed restaurants and cafes that drives us crazy (in a good way)? Is it the strangeness, unfamiliarity and quirkiness that drives us to go? Erhhh. Yeah.

If you make your way across the world, you’re bound to encounter some bat shit crazy places. Obviously, we go for the food, but hey sometimes you just gotta go because there’s nothing quite like it in the world.

Calico Cat Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

‘Screw the food, you’re here to select the finest cat you’d like to spend time with.’ Here you’ll get to sip tea with 30 odd cats surrounding you. Creepy? No. Cute? kinda. Weird? Yes. This is a truly unique establishment that has caught global phenomenon as other countries begin to open up their own cat cafes. Oh, and crazy cat ladies, we know you’re out there.

Image of two ladies playing with cats in the cat cafe

Cannibalistic Cafe – Japan

Time to confuse your inner psychopath, and feel like Hannibal Lecter for a day, because we’re eating people. In this cafe, you will sit on a table and eat from a whole body. Yes, an edible body filled with all the intestines, guts and glory that’ll have you feeling like you really are eating the real deal. First you get to cut open the body where the sushi inside the body resemble human organs, and the red sauce that flows out of the body is….well….blood.

Alcatraz ER – Japan

Located in the heart of Shibuya, is a medically themed prison with the whole works – syringes, manikin heads, test tubes and….hospital food. The whole setting is a SICKening one. You are the patient, and the waitresses are your nurses. They will then cuff you, inject you, and then lock you in a cell. The weirdness doesn’t stop here though. Some of the dishes to choose from that will have you questioning humanity include a dead chicken, a penis sausage and intestine.

Robot Restaurant – Japan

We’re talking absolute madness here. Expect to see bright, extravagant women dressed in metallic bikinis screaming and dancing as they pound on drums. Feel the craziness within the restaurant as shining glow sticks circulate the room, and robots fleet across the stage in absolutely insanity. Add to that illuminating LED laser lights and diners holding glowsticks and you’ve got a whacky, once in a lifetime kinda experience that will have you on the edge of your seat and possibly questioning your version of reality.

A group of people in a theme restaurant with a lot of neon lights.

Cabbages & Condoms restaurant – Thailand

You’re probably wondering why the hell any restaurant would want to call themselves that? Well Mr Sceptic, it’s actually for a good cause. The Cabbages & Condoms restaurant is uniquely decorated with condoms from all over the world with messages and photos that support family planning.

Modern Toilet – Taipei

The name basically speaks for itself. It’s so weird it hurts. Who would have thought that there would come a time where you could take the toilet with you to eat, pee or both? Well that time has arrived, and it’s here at Modern Toilet. Diners sit on toilet-shaped seats and eat at tables made by putting glass over the top of a bathtub. If you need a napkin, just take some from the toilet roll dispenser on the wall. If you need a drink, they come in urinal shaped cups. And they serve poo themed deserts. For real.

A yellow toilet with a plate of food on it, found in a quirky theme restaurant.

Dinner in the sky restaurant – Belgium

This is not for the faint hearted, or those with a phobia of heights. Located in approximately 40 countries now, this is a crazy restaurant that suspends people 50 metres above the ground. The concept revolves around the idea that outdoor food tastes better. Ha! A crane will hoist a group of diners who dare to eat flying high, along with your entertainer & waiter for an extremely eventful night in the sky. Crazy? We think so.

A theme restaurant uses a crane to elevate a group of people up into the air.

S’Baggers – food on a rollercoaster – Germany

As their saying goes, “All good things come from above”. So off they went creating a restaurant that operated solely on roller-coasters. You order your dishes from a tablet, then watch on as it comes flying towards you, all the while praying it doesn’t end up all in your lap. Fortunately (most of the time) it doesn’t & the food is said to be delicious.

Underwater Restaurant – Maldives

Moving away from the more extreme restaurants is this magical secret in the Maldives. Dine amongst angelfish under the ocean blue waters with fresh seafood cuisine to indulge in. This is a truly unique and mystical experience for those who wish to be 5 metres under the Indian Ocean surrounded by vibrant coral and marine life.

A theme restaurant featuring an underwater ambiance and tables and chairs.

O. NOIR – Toronto, Canada

This is a sensual dining experience, where the dining room is completely in the dark. Flashlights, mobile phones and luminous watches are ALL prohibited in this place as you sit in the dark & try to gain a better understanding of how it’d feel to be blind. To add to that, you are served by blind or vision impaired waiters and waitresses to make it a truly unique experience for a great cause.