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10 sexy Italian phrases to keep in your arsenal


Very few things are sexier than the ability to speak in another language, and some languages are just too sexy for their own good.

French is definitely on that list, and Spanish makes us pretty flushed as well, but there’s just something about Italian that melts our heart into a puddle of gelato every time.

Knowing a bit of Italian surprisingly comes in handy in so many situations. You could be upping your game before a trip to Italy, or just looking for a secret weapon to bust out whenever the timing is right.

Regardless, keep these beauties in your back pocket and be prepared to beat ‘em away with a stick when you unleash your Italian charm on the masses.

Molto bello/ molto bella

“Very beautiful”

Are words legally allowed to sound this good? What a gem…


Amore mio

“My love”

When said with the proper accent, it’s a definite game-changer.


Non posso vivere senza di te

“I can’t live without you”



Ti amo

“I love you”

Danger. Use with caution.


Caro/ Cara


Foreign pet names are just the cutest, aren’t they?


Mi manchi

“I miss you”



Sei bellissima/ bellissimo

“You’re beautiful/ handsome”

Whispered softly in their ear? James Blunt’s got nothin’ on you.


Buona notte

“Good night”

Combining this baby with a kiss of the hand? NOW you’re cookin’ with Crisco… So simple, yet so sexy. This isn’t a good one to use if you actually intend on leaving, and often needs to be repeated an hour later.


Ti penso ogni giorno

“I think of you every day”

Whether you’ve known the person two days or a few years, the details are really irrelevant.



“Kiss me”



Remember grasshopper, with great power comes great responsibility…

A picturesque view of a small coastal town on the enchanting Amalfi Coast, adorned with the vibrant colors and rustic charm of Italian architecture.